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Dog Bite Attorney in Los Angeles

As Los Angeles attorneys that focus on dog bites, we understand that being bitten by a dog can be devastating. The trauma of the attack, the pain of the clenched bite and the overall devastation of an animal – formerly believed to be man’s best friend – can turn into a nightmare and be emotionally and physically scarring.

At the Bedford Law Group, we understand that dog bite cases are not nearly as rare as our community would hope, and that the law is very specific in its application of responsibility. In the state of California, dog bite cases are strict liability actions, which mean the dog’s owner is responsible for the injury received by another as a result of their pet’s actions.

It is important for Los Angeles residents to understand that if they have been bitten or attacked by a dog, they are entitled to compensation and our attorney group can help provide the best representation available in this area of personal injury.

Hire a Successful Dog Bite Attorney

Bedford Law Group has represented differing dog bite cases over the past decade. In some cases, our clients are family members who are embarrassed to proceed with legal action against their loved ones, but understand that their injuries that resulted in medical care, lost wages or even loss of mobility require compensation. Here we help navigate the difficult interpersonal issues that family members face, but still help our clients get help and recover.

Other cases we have represented have included malicious attacks by dogs who have escaped their yards, or whose owner’s neglected to arrange a safe environment for those nearby. This can include forgetting to close a door or gate, or simply not checking the restraining devices that tether their animal to ensure the safety of others. Here you need an experienced attorney who can skillfully prove the negligent dog owner is at fault, helping maximize your damages.

Hiring an attorney to represent you or a loved one in a dog bite case is important, as the pet owner is responsible for the personal injury you have endured. In addition, it may not be clear exactly who that responsible party is – especially in the case of a loose dog or broken chain – and our attorney group will help get to the bottom of the responsible group’s claims and liability.

Our lawyers understand that no one wants their dog to hurt another human being, but the hope that it does not happen absolutely does not keep it from happening. When it does, we provide aggressive representation on behalf of our clients to ensure the dog owner and their insurance companies are held accountable for the negligence that led to our clients’ injuries.

Understanding Your Recovery Entitlements

Dog bites can cause confusion in what kind of financial recovery you are entitled to. The seriousness of a bite is often misunderstood at the scene, simply because the fear, anxiety and adrenaline of being attacked can cloud your ability to grasp your injuries as a whole.

If you have suffered from a dog bite, seek medical treatment right away, and contact our attorney group to understand the next steps to recovery. You cannot brush off the accident and assume compensation will be provided by the dog’s owner out of the goodness of their heart. You are entitled to compensation for your medical bills, past, present and future, as well as the emotional distress that was inflicted by the attack. In addition, lost wages, physical and emotional scarring and your overall pain and suffering are taken into account when your case is represented by an accomplished firm such as ours. Since 2003, we have been helping victims of dog attacks and we can help you understand what you are entitled to, and will fight for every ounce of recovery you deserve.

Since the dog owner is responsible for your personal injury, their insurance company can be pursued for damages. In addition to the previously listed medical costs that are incurred after a dog bite, additional compensation for transportation and cosmetic treatments of scars must be taken into account also. There is much more to the trauma you’ve endured, and we will ensure you receive the compensation you will need to make yourself whole again after this horrendous experience.

Finally, punitive damages can be sought as a way to punish the defendant, especially in cases where they were aware that their dog was dangerous and aware that a bite or attack was imminent. Our attorneys will help you understand exactly what your personal injuries mean going forward, and exactly how we should proceed to ensure you receive the financial recovery you deserve.

Gathering Evidence in a Dog Bite Case

Once you have sought medical care and contacted our attorney group, we will need to sort through the evidence that accompanies your case. No detail is too small: Gather pictures, medical records, documents, insurance correspondence, dog owner correspondence, incident reports, communication with any police departments or investigating agencies – anything that you may have on hand to help us understand the complexity of your attack will help us paint a complete picture on how to proceed with your case.

Since every dog bite case is different, it is important that you contact our attorney group at (310) 507-7900 right away to create a strategic approach to acquiring success through a positive recovery package. We can help hold those responsible for your injuries accountable for their negligence now.

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