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Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Los Angeles

According to recently released statistics from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), motorcycle accidents continue to be a challenge for many communities across the country.

Despite a dip in motorcycle-related fatalities (of about 2.3 percent), the unfortunate reality is that injuries related to motorcycle accidents are surging, up nearly five percent from the year prior with more than 92,000 injuries nationwide.

Though the frequency of motorcycle accidents is not nearly as high as other types of crashes, like those involving automobiles, statistics have also revealed that those traveling on a motorcycle are far more likely to experience severe personal injury or fatality in an accident than those traveling in other vehicles, approximately five times and 26 times more likely, respectively.

Since 2003, the Motorcycle Accident Lawyers at Bedford Law Group have focused on protecting our citizens, and maximizing any financial damages they are entitled to. Our defendants can range from someone injured by a negligent driver, to fighting insurance companies and forcing them to pay for your injuries and medical expenses. No matter who our attorneys are facing, we work with our clients to provide personalized and dedicated legal representation that will last long after the case has been settled. Contact Bedford Law Group a FREE consultation today at (310) 507-7900.

Risk and Motorcycle Accidents

What exactly makes motorcycle accidents so much more severe than other incidents? One of the key factors in the severity of these accidents is the size of the vehicles involved, and in cases involving motorbikes, there is often a much larger vehicle or hazard.

Not only are motorbikes smaller and far lighter than the average automobile – they also leave riders much more vulnerable to dangers and the elements. In the event of a collision, a motorcycle operator, unlike those in a car, have virtually no protection.

Depending on the situation, some other risks associated with operating a motorcycle also include:

  • Reduced visibility to other vehicles – Motorcycles are more compact, and are, as a result, often hidden to other cars, especially at crowded intersections
  • Road hazards – From uneven road surfaces to wet pavement or debris, many motorcycle accidents can be caused from simple interaction with the elements or other obstructions
  • Skill level – Operating a motorcycle requires a special license. Many accidents continue to be a result of unskilled riders or those lacking a proper license
  • Negligent behavior – Many bikes, like sport or supersport, may encourage speeding or high-risk behavior

Injuries from Motorcycle Accidents

Riders involved in any of these scenarios, whether the fault is on their part or not, may experience any number of injuries, ranging from minor cuts and bruises to broken bones, head trauma or even spinal trauma.

Some of these conditions may be temporary, while others may require ongoing rehabilitation or medical care. In many cases, victims may be left temporarily or permanently disabled, or suffer other life-altering consequences.

The most important thing to remember in any motorcycle accident situation is to seek the appropriate medical attention as soon as possible. You will also want to contact one of our qualified personal injury attorneys, who can assist with the filing of a personal injury claim, which can help recover compensation or other damages related to your injury.

Personal Injury Attorneys in California

If you or someone you love has experienced injury due to a motorcycle accident, our firm is here to help. At the Bedford Law Group, we specialize exclusively in handling personal injury matters, and can provide the sound legal advice you need during this difficult time.

Throughout Southern California, the dedicated attorneys at the Bedford Law Group assist victims of personal injury, including those reeling from motorcycle accidents, find the justice they deserve. In addition to working with you to devise a case that yields the best possible results, our firm can also assist you with finding the appropriate medical assistance for your recovery, leaving you to focus on what really matters – getting as well as possible.

To get started, we invite you to schedule a preliminary consultation with a member of our personal injury team. Our attorneys are here to support you today – call the Bedford Law Group at (310) 507-7900.

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