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California Family Files Wrongful Death Lawsuit Against Antioch Police

The family of a California man who died during a struggle with police over a leg restraint device has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the Antioch Police Department, citing the officers’ negligence in ignoring the man’s pleas for help.

According to the lawsuit, the victim was killed in June of 2015 in an outdoor struggle with police at his apartment complex. Though the coroner ruled his death as accidental, the victim’s body had more than 30 cuts and bruises as a result of the struggle, and the lawsuit even alleges that police actively ignored Rucks’ pleas of “I can’t breathe”

The civil complaint also alleges that one of the Antioch police officers failed to include key details of the incident during a coroner’s inquest hearing, including important eyewitness testimony, which suggests that the officers smothered the victim until he breathed his last breath in the dirt.

Although the case is ongoing, and officials typically do not comment on ongoing litigation, an officer with the Antioch Police Department noted earlier this year that the victim’s death was likely caused by a combination of factors, including the struggle with officers.

Wrongful Death in Southern California

Unfortunately, accidents happen everyday, some of which are fatal. Sometimes, these incidents involve something known as wrongful death, which refers to a person losing their life due to the negligent behavior, or wrongful action of another individual or entity.

These types of claims are a civil lawsuit, and can only be brought by the surviving kin of the victim, or by a representative of the deceased’s estate. This typically extends only to spouses or children of the victim, but may involve other legal beneficiaries, depending on the situation.

If there are no surviving individuals related to the deceased, a wrongful death claim may be brought against anyone who would be entitled to their property or estate by succession, such as parents or siblings. In California, if you can prove you were financially dependent on the victim, you may be eligible to bring a lawsuit. This is most commonly seen in cases with stepchildren, parents or punative spouses or children.

Wrongful death claims can help recover damages or other compensation, which can be used to offset the financial burden many endure when losing a loved one, like:

  • Medical and/or other hospital bills
  • Funeral and burial expenses
  • Lost income
  • Pain and suffering

Wrongful Death Attorneys in Los Angeles

Have you or someone you know has suffered the untimely loss of a loved one due to another individual or entity’s negligence? If so, you may have grounds for a wrongful death claim. Only a qualified attorney can evaluate your situation and provide a strategy moving forward.

If you reside in Los Angeles or the other communities in Southern California, the skilled attorneys at Bedford Law Group, APLC can help. Our firm specializes in handling personal injury matters, including those involving wrongful death, and can provide the sound legal advice you and your loved ones need during this trying time.

We know nothing can make up for your loss, but our team of skilled attorneys is committed to helping you and your family find the justice you deserve. To schedule a preliminary consultation to evaluate your case, contact the wrongful death attorneys at Bedford Law Group, APLC today at (310) 507-7900.

Prior results, testimonials and/or endorsements do not constitute a guarantee, warranty, or prediction regarding the outcome of your legal matter. Every case is different.

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